Sin City

Just watched Sin City last night, I really enjoyed it.

Brittany Murphy is a really sucky actor though. Obviously hired for the tits.
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Secret project release!

After a lot of buggering around trying to find a hosting solution that actually stayed up, it's finally released; Introducing Your GNOME Podcast - Episode 1. You can find it here.

In different news, on IRC today:
jordim	OI DUDES
dnathief	YO
jordim	what's the story?
dnathief	on....?
jordim	on everything!
dnathief	well, in the beginning, there was nothing, which exploded...
jordim	lol

Megapoints if you can get where this is ripped off from.
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So, today would've been the day for releasing my super-secret project, but the hosting solution I had planned on using has fallen through. Damn.

Stay tuned.
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The inevitable return of the great white dope

Long time, no post. Abbreviation mode, activate!
  • LCA'06: Brilliant.

  • LUV: Attended my first meeting of the year yesterday. Good stuff.

  • Mail: Chewed through all 1000+ unread emails. Quite an effort.

  • Cards: Fed my playing card addiction. Should really try to cut down. Hah!

  • MLA: Getting more active on the list, I think my posts are getting kinda helpful.

  • GNOME-MUD: Been sending a few patches of late, still needs work on aliases, triggers, keybinds, logging, and a few other random things.

  • Super-secret GNOME project: Soon.
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(no subject)

My first talk for LUV was held last night, it seemed to go fairly well, based on the comments afterwards. I'll have to figure out some good 'Hey, Shaddap, I'm talkin' here!' lines before the next one though.

Lisa and I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a couple of hours before the talk was held; I really liked it, as is generally the case with me and Tim Burton films. Johnny Depp makes a nutty Wonka. (PUN!)
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Inspired by Dr Karl and his podcast push, I've been hacking recently on a podcast tracking/downloading application for the GNOME desktop. It's not up to much yet, as I've never coded a downloading app before, but the basics are there. It's even got an icon, although Georgia's promised me a better one once I install Inkscape for her.

Anyway, don't expect much, a bit of a rewrite is necessary, as the UI hangs while a file is downloading (Is gnome_vfs_xfer_uri() the right way to do this, or would gnome_vfs_async_xfer() be a better way?), some of the files are missing the GPL header, the downloading directory is hardcoded (The bit in the preferences dialog has no effect ATM), a few changes left from gnome-hello and a few bits and bobs in the UI are missing/incomplete.

The source is here for anyone keen to finish it off before me (Hah, more like so people can kick my arse into gear to finish it).
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