July 27th, 2006


Magical Melbourne!

I've been meeting with, dealing with & reading up on local magicians quite a bit recently, so I thought I'd share a few of my experiences there, and maybe try to drum up a bit a business.

Glenn Hamilton

The energy of this guy never ceases to amaze me - I wish I had half of it. I'm pretty certain I've read somewhere that he's been voted Melbourne's best children's entertainer at some point (I'm probably doing him a disservice here, I'm sure it was better praise than that). I couldn't find a blog or website for him, unfortunately, but you should be able to reach him through either this email address, or through Ellis & Webster, mentioned below.

Dean Atkinson

Once spent three months sitting under the stage of The Globe Theatre dressed as a fish. I've only seen him at work once, but it was an awesome Mentalism act, from memory. Or did he just fool me into thinking that? It was a bit naughty though, so maybe not for the kiddies.

Ellis & Webster

Most awarded Australian Magicians in history with 22 awards between them. Unfortunately, I've never seen one of their shows, Though I'm keen to catch a show as soon as I can. You can hire magicians to suit a wide range of occasions, including themselves, through their booking service. Webster (the blond) also does a uncanny Jeannie (I dream of Jeannie) impersonation - you can hire her for events for this, too. Also, check out Tim's humorous encounters with telemarketers, there's quite a few fun things there to try.

There's many great Magicians that I've missed out on, as is evident on Ellis & Webster's artist booking page. <subliminal>Hire one for your next function.</subliminal>

Mel8ourne: Magical enough already, more so with these guys in residence.
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