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LCA Day 2
Well, we're in Canberra at last, alive and well. It's now day two of LCA, I spent the first day at the Debian miniconf, and today at the GNOME miniconf. Some pretty cool stuff was shown at the Debian miniconf, I was really impressed with 'the fastest Debian system in the world'. The GNOME miniconf was good too, lots of development stuff, brilliant.

Unfortunately, I was told the wrong pub to go to afterwards, so we ended up wandering around in the city for about an hour and a half, before heading back to the motel, sober and hungry. Bah. I probably couldn't drink much tonight anyway, considering the bottle of scotch I guzzled last night.

Oh, and my blog is now aggregated on, so a big hello to everyone there.

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Oh, you poor thing. Hungry AND sober? Two very bad states to be in simeltaneously :(

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