Hi all, especially to PLOA readers - long time no post.

So, first off, I don't think I've announced it here - I've finally popped the question to my long suffering (10 years!) Lisa... And yes, she said yes. I'll endeavor to post the date as soon as it's been decided - still a lot of planning to go.

Secondly, I've signed up for a Movember team. The Mo Bros are asking for donations to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and BeyondBlue. You can donate to me here, or donate to my team here. If you were in the mood to give us an engagement present, feel free to sling your cash that way instead.

In case you're wondering about the team name, it was started through H.I.S. Hose... And no, I'm not employed there, I just got drafted.

Oh yeah, and as already promised elsewhere, if either myself or my team rasies $1k or over, I'll shave my beard at the end of the month too. For those that know my face, that's no small ask. :)
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Apostrophes ARE important...

  • insincere, esp. conventional expressions of enthusiasm for high ideals, goodness, or piety.
  • the private language of the underworld.
  • the phraseology peculiar to a particular class, party, profession, etc.: the cant of the fashion industry.
  • whining or singsong speech, esp. of beggars.
  • to talk hypocritically.
  • to speak in the whining or singsong tone of a beggar; beg.

  • a salient angle.
  • a sudden movement that tilts or overturns a thing.
  • a slanting or tilted position.
  • an oblique line or surface, as one formed by cutting off the corner of a square of cube.
  • an oblique or slanting face of anything.
  • Civil Engineering. bank1 (def. 6).
  • a sudden pitch or toss.
  • Also called flitch. a partly trimmed log. –adjective
  • oblique or slanting. –verb (used with object)
  • to bevel; form an oblique surface upon.
  • to put in an oblique position; tilt; tip.
  • to throw with a sudden jerk. –verb (used without object)
  • to take or have an inclined position; tilt; turn.
  • hearty; merry.
  • contraction of cannot.
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New game: Pick that quote

"It feels really good.  It's a good accomplishment.  I probably won't ever kill anything else that big," * said.

Now, pick the article - these headlines all came from one page:

A - Eight alive after crash
B - 25 years for earl's widow
C - Boy shoots world's biggest boar
D - $122b for Iraq war
E - All of the above

If you've already read today's edition of the Sunday Herald sun, no points.

Magical Melbourne!

I've been meeting with, dealing with & reading up on local magicians quite a bit recently, so I thought I'd share a few of my experiences there, and maybe try to drum up a bit a business.

Glenn Hamilton

The energy of this guy never ceases to amaze me - I wish I had half of it. I'm pretty certain I've read somewhere that he's been voted Melbourne's best children's entertainer at some point (I'm probably doing him a disservice here, I'm sure it was better praise than that). I couldn't find a blog or website for him, unfortunately, but you should be able to reach him through either this email address, or through Ellis & Webster, mentioned below.

Dean Atkinson

Once spent three months sitting under the stage of The Globe Theatre dressed as a fish. I've only seen him at work once, but it was an awesome Mentalism act, from memory. Or did he just fool me into thinking that? It was a bit naughty though, so maybe not for the kiddies.

Ellis & Webster

Most awarded Australian Magicians in history with 22 awards between them. Unfortunately, I've never seen one of their shows, Though I'm keen to catch a show as soon as I can. You can hire magicians to suit a wide range of occasions, including themselves, through their booking service. Webster (the blond) also does a uncanny Jeannie (I dream of Jeannie) impersonation - you can hire her for events for this, too. Also, check out Tim's humorous encounters with telemarketers, there's quite a few fun things there to try.

There's many great Magicians that I've missed out on, as is evident on Ellis & Webster's artist booking page. <subliminal>Hire one for your next function.</subliminal>

Mel8ourne: Magical enough already, more so with these guys in residence.
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Car crash

Lisa and I were in a car accident on Thursday. Luckily, no-one was injured, just our cars.

She was driving her car, with me in the passenger seat, down near Altona Library. Some stooge decided they'd go right through a give way sign, and ploughed straight into us, pushing us all into a car waiting at a give way sign on the other side. The accident instigator was being a bit funny about the story, so the police were called in to take statements from everybody. Looks like a bit of court time & probable demerit points for the instigator. Lisa's car had to be towed, along with the instigators. Probably a couple of weeks before it's fixed. Very annoying, as she depends on her car for a lot.

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