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I finally have enough time to update my journal! Incredible.

On the work subject; I finally know how much I can 'blog about. So, the company that's employing me is Global Multimedia, as a computer technician. I can't really name the schools I'm working at until I've gained permission from each one individually.

On the journal subject; Crimson_wishes (Trinergy's new alt) has just added me to her friends list on livejournal, so a few new people might be reading my rants through her friends page. Hi all!

On the programming subject; A little more work on GNOME-MUD has been done as a result of a little prodding by me, I started out with a patch I thought solved a crash on 64 bit systems, but it turns out it was the wrong thing to do, that still got the same result in this case. So, checkout HEAD branch if you have troubles running GNOME-MUD on 64 bit systems. If you like that kind of thing, that is.

On the l.c.a subject; It's nearly all sorted out now, the only thing now is to install Ubuntu on my shiny new laptop, transfer my key to it, pack, and get to the airport! Joy.


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