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Inspired by Dr Karl and his podcast push, I've been hacking recently on a podcast tracking/downloading application for the GNOME desktop. It's not up to much yet, as I've never coded a downloading app before, but the basics are there. It's even got an icon, although Georgia's promised me a better one once I install Inkscape for her.

Anyway, don't expect much, a bit of a rewrite is necessary, as the UI hangs while a file is downloading (Is gnome_vfs_xfer_uri() the right way to do this, or would gnome_vfs_async_xfer() be a better way?), some of the files are missing the GPL header, the downloading directory is hardcoded (The bit in the preferences dialog has no effect ATM), a few changes left from gnome-hello and a few bits and bobs in the UI are missing/incomplete.

The source is here for anyone keen to finish it off before me (Hah, more like so people can kick my arse into gear to finish it).


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